LaFerrari Engine Review

LaFerrari is one of the latest releases from the Italian automobile giant Ferrari. It’s a hugely acclaimed hybrid sports vehicle which was formally unveiled at Geneva Auto Show 2013. The cutting edge car was also showcased at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, one among the most esteemed exhibitions for high end vehicles. The LaFerrari has been designed based on Ferrari FXX testing and the research results derived from Millechili Project by Modena University. It’s said that this new mild hybrid Ferrari car is the most ambitious ventures by the distinguished Italian auto maker- involving finest of marque’s technicalities in both Formula 1 & GT engineering. The article here is a brief review on LaFerrari engine.


The LaFerrari is backed by a super powerful engine producing 963 Horsepower. The car has been engineered with 6262 cc 6.3l V12 naturally-aspirated engine, the supreme most engine ever incorporated in any Ferrari road car. The LaFerrari V12 spins up till 9250 rpm that guarantees an awesome performance & an unmistakable driving pleasure. According to experts, Ferrari has worked a lot on the combustion, mechanical and volumetric efficiency of its new car to offer the customers an unrivalled riding experience.

The engine produces 800 PS (789 bhp; 588 kW) at the rate of 9000 rpm & 700 N-m of torque at the rate of 6750 rpm which is supplemented by 163 PS KERS unit. The KERS unit offer little bursts of additional power. The maximum power produced by the engine is 950 Bhp and the minimum torque is 970 Nm.

It’s to stress here that unlike the traditional hybrid cars where either internal combustion-engine or electric motor is working, LaFerrari’s KERS mechanism adds on additional power to the output level of combustion engine for a net total of around 963 PS- total torque produced by V12 ICE with electric motor is above 900 N-m. Ferrari has claimed that its new hybrid car emits around 330 g/km of CO2.

The engine comes with a 94 by 75.2 mm bore & stroke, 13:5:1 compression ratio & 128 metric hp/l. The snarling engine sound is another remarkable feature of LaFerrari.

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