How To Set A Timing Belt

Timing belt is a significant part of your car engine which is meant to control the valve timing. You must be careful about setting up timing belt since it’s a vital aspect of car repair & maintenance. There should be proper synchronization between engine valves & piston to ensure proper operation by the car. An improper setting can result in huge engine issues leading to costly repairs on your part. However, not to worry as the article here is an expert guide on effectively setting the timing belt in your car.


First of all, disconnect the car battery before you proceed to set the car timing belt. Make sure to get the right wrench to remove cable from negative battery-terminal and also remove all the drive belts & brackets which hinder access to timing belt-cover. Now, place the wheel-clocks against any one of rear wheels and position the vehicle in park. It will permit free rotation for the crankshaft.

Turn the car crankshaft clockwise with wrench and socket till the pulley timing-mark gets aligned with TDC or zero degree mark on timing cover. Remove the belt cover and with crankshaft pulley at the TDC, check out on camshaft timing-mark position. The camshaft timing-mark must be directly aligned with timing-mark on rear timing-belt curtain. In case, camshaft marks are not in direct alignment, you would need to make adjustments.

Then, loosen off tensioner bolt enabling free movement of tensioner pulley. Now, pry that pulley away carefully from the timing belt & retighten tensioner bolt. It would relieve tension on timing belt, letting it to set properly. Make sure that your timing belt seems sufficiently loose to permit turning of camshaft sprocket sans moving the timing belt. Loosen off tensioner bolt so that tensioner pulley can tighten up the timing belt.  Your tensioner would be spring-loaded & must apply the effective tension necessary. Tighten up tensioner bolt.

Then, check out alignment of crankshaft & camshaft marks. Turn your crankshaft into 2 full revolutions, returning the crank to TDC alignment. Check out all timing marks ensuring a proper set of your timing belt.