What A Turbocharger Does?

A turbocharger can be defined as forced-induction system which enables an engine to come up with enhanced power production, irrespective of any engine size. The turbocharged engines could be more efficient and powerful than naturally aspirated ones since turbine pushes in more air & more fuel inside combustion chamber, apart from atmospheric pressure. The turbochargers are generally used on car, truck, aircraft, train & construction-equipment engines. These are a vital accessory for vehicles and can enhance the engine prowess by 35 percent. The post here is a brief describing what does a turbocharger do.


Turbochargers help to improve the engine horsepower. Generally, a solo turbocharger is appropriate for the diesel engines & 2 turbochargers are preferred for the gasoline engines. The turbochargers are designed to enhance the volume of air intake necessary by a vehicle engine for improved fuel combustion. The turbocharger is made up of two types of impeller which are separated by one chamber.  When the exhaust part releases air, one of the turbo impellers will start to rotate & since the impellers are joined together, another one connected directly to intake manifold will turn itself thereby adding air in combustion process.

The turbo compressor pulls in the ambient air & compresses it prior to letting it enter into intake part at enhanced pressure. It results in greater air mass entering cylinders on every intake stroke. Power required to spin on centrifugal compressor comes from kinetic energy derived from engine’s exhaust.

Turbochargers are also utilized to improve fuel efficiency of a vehicle, without improving power. It’s accomplished by recovering exhaust waste energy & feeding that back into engine intake. As turbocharger uses the otherwise wasted-energy for increasing air mass, it gets smoother to assure that all the fuel gets burnt prior to getting vented out at the beginning of exhaust stage. Enhanced temperature from higher pressure offers higher efficiency for the vehicle engine.

You should be very careful regarding the maintenance of turbocharger since it determines your engine performance. According to turbocharger experts, clean engine fluid is primary in ensuring good health for turbochargers.